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India's leading manufacturers and exporters of leather apparel, accessories and shoes

The Leather Laundry: Your very own Professional Leather and Suede Cleaners!
Bag Repair, Shoe Repair, Jacket Repair, Sofa Repair & Leather Drycleaning Services!

Company Profile

The founders of The Leather Laundry have been in the leather industry for 30 solid years. Based out of New Delhi, the parent company (a family enterprise) is one of India’s leading manufacturers and exporters of leather apparel and accessories. Having worked with some of the most coveted brands spanning over several continents, we take pride in claiming that we have the finest technical know-how of leather in the country.

We proudly boast of state-of -the-art facilities sprawling over several acres, along with a mammoth workforce and a huge collection of leathers, lining fabrics and trims of numerous qualities, colors and finishes on stock. The Leather Laundry is a second-generation initiative that is resolutely committed towards boosting the existing foundation and exploring newer horizons through focus, innovation and creativity.

Our dedicated team of expert technicians aims at using environment friendly practices, equipment and processes to ensure the highest quality cleaning.

TLL is also a socially responsible initiative that tacitly reduces the impact of growing consumerism and fast fashion! By offering to restore, repair & care for leather, we are dissuading people from discarding their leather possessions! This reduces wastefulness & conserves the environment (as leather processing entails a lot of water consumption and air pollution).

Core Values

  • Think like the customer
  • Courteous and knowledgeable service
  • Quality is top priority
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • You have to be in it to win it
  • Environmental sustainability

We swear by our below mentioned offerings and promise to abide by our core principles of impeccable quality, timely deliveries and excellent after sales services!

  • Jacket Cleaning Services in Delhi & Mumbai
  • Handbag Dry Cleaning Services in Delhi & Mumbai
  • Shoe Dry Cleaning Services in Delhi & Mumbai
  • Leather Sofa Cleaning Services
  • Shoe Repair Services in Delhi & Mumbai
  • Jacket Repair Services in Delhi & Mumbai
  • Bag Repair Services in Delhi & Mumbai
  • Heel Repair Services in Delhi & Mumbai
  • Leather Seat Cleaning & Repair Services for Cars & Bikes

Our Team

Handbag cleaning and leather care services
Shoe repair and shoe polishing services

"Our relationship with our cherished means the world to us! We do not believe in soliciting business through online bookings / applications / chat forums! We are more old-school in the way we operate and believe in offering a personal touch to all our beloved ptrons! So all our incoming calls are attended by a genuine person (like the good old days), instead of an automated answering machine!"

The Leather Laundry is the brainchild of sisters, Neha Sharma and Mallika Sharma. What was floated as a casual idea over evening coffee, soon started taking the shape and form of a full-blown venture. Followed by a lot of thorough research and meticulous planning, The Leather Laundry was thus conceived. Armed with post-graduate degrees in Finance and Economics from the UK, both sisters swear by the venture, constantly striving to innovate and improvise.

"We are not a profit hungry initiative! Our primary focus will always be to offer immaculate 'quality'. We are looking to cater to a niche segment of educated and discerning consumers who seek quality and practise ethical consumerism! We intend on building up a culture of leather care in India! We take absolute pride in restoring/preserving precious leather gear (of high sentimental value) from people's grandparents' time! We are not selling a service, we are selling a lifestyle :)"

Mallika is a certified professional leather care technician who has trained with the globally reputed leather care company, LTT in the UK. LTT is one of the most coveted leather care brands in the world today. She learnt everything, from adopting the best practices to clean and care for all types of leather to colour mixing, repairing and leather restoration and recolouring. The Leather Laundry's technicians work under her expert guidance and supervision.