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Handbag repair service in Delhi


Shredded/Damaged fabric lining of a Valentino leather handbag


Lining Replacement

The inside lining of bags tears up and gets worn out over time, due to general wear and tear! Our expert team of skilled tailors, stitch up a new lining by using the pattern of the old one. Wherever possible, they work on retaining the old features like pockets, zips, brand logo etc., to keep the bag looking as close to the original as possible!

TLL Recommends: When the inside lining of your beloved bag gets spoilt, do not discard the bag! Instead bring the bag to us! TLL will source a lining as close as possible to the original (either by tapping into our massive stock of lining fabrics or by scouting the local markets!).


"The inside of my bag looks brand new! I am so happy that i got to know about your services! The lining and stitching quality is excellent! Keep up the good work! "

Avantika Dalmia, New Delhi

Handbag dry cleaning service in Delhi


Dark colour migration from another bag kept in close contact with this light coloured Dior patent leather bag.


Leather Stain Removal/Leather Cleaning

Colour run on patent/PVC items is usually permanent. However TLL's expert team of technicians managed a breakthrough (we cannot guarantee success in all cases). We first minimised/faded the heavy colour stains through application of luxury cleanser. We then removed the lacquer coating from the stained areas. Colour matching experts restored colour through minor touch-up of faded stains. Lacquer coating was then re-applied on touched-up areas. The bag was finally made stain-free.

TLL Recommends: Color run on patent is irreversible, Avoid contact with furniture, garments etc. that can cause color migration. Take extra care when storing bags /items together; please avoid direct contact of different colors, as they tend to migrate colors to each other (especially but not exclusively Patent/PVC items).


"With a very heavy heart, I had almost made up my mind to discard my recently bought Dior bag, until TLL happened! Thanks so much for coming to my rescue! Kudos for a job well done!"

Jyotsna Sahal, New Delhi

Wallet repair service in Delhi


Missing trim (snap button) on a Dior patent leather clutch.


Broken Button Replacement

Our expert tailors restored the clutch by putting a brand new snap button of the correct size, quality and finish. The head supervisor checked to ensure that the metal finish of the snap button is in sync with the rest of the trims on the clutch. The clutch was thus successfully restored to normal working order.

TLL Recommends: We keep trims (zippers, snap buttons, rivets, dog-hooks, pullers etc) of varying sizes, qualities and finishes on stock, that are from the same company as those used by high end brands. We thus request you to not panic, and instead direct all your repairing/replacement requirements to us.


"I am so happy with TLL's services!!! They not only restored the missing snap button, but also cleaned and revived my clutch as a part of the package!! It feels like i just purchased it yesterday!! I am so glad i did not throw it away! The team was also very kind and courteous and kept up with their promised delivery time of 7 working days!"

Nandita Shukla, New Delhi

Leather bag dry cleaning services in Mumbai


Chili oil stain on a Dior Leather Handbag


Oil Stain Removal & Colour Restoration

TLL's technicians applied a deep cleansing procedure for stain extraction and then restored the original colour of the bag with matching colour pigment (sprayed uniformly with an air gun). Original colour and texture was successfully retained.

TLL recommends: In the case of an oil spill, do not try to frantically clean with water (do not try other home remedies either). An oil stain can only be touched up through complete colour restoration! Immediately take your bag to a professional leather care expert!


I am so happy!! My bag looks brand new! Thank you TLL, for a job well done!

Neha Gupta, New Delhi

Leather handbag cleaning services in Delhi


Discolouration over repeated use.


TLL's certified colour matching experts restored the entire original colour of the bag (through uniform application of matching colour pigment) without altering the touch/feel and texture of the leather.

TLL recommends: Pigmented leathers fade over time (through general wear and tear). Discolouration is an inevitable process and cannot be averted but it can surely be slowed down by minimising exposure of the leather to sun, moisture and other extreme weather conditions. Storing in cloth bags is also recommended.


"Thanks so much for a stellar job! This was total value for money! Three cheers to TLL"

Nazuk Jindal, New Delhi

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