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Our Story

Born in a privileged family helmed by a set of lovely parents, I have always felt blessed and grateful for whatever I have been bestowed with! Since a young age, I have subconsciously emulated my parents, thus always wanting to excel at whatever I pursued.

My father started our family business from scratch. My mother helped him out with his business in the initial years! In those years she also brought me and my siblings to this world! While my father was busy setting up the factory and meeting his career goals, my mother managed to channelize the finances effectively. I have always known my mother to be a very charitable and magnanimous personality! Even when she and my father had limited means, she would always help those in need, both financially and emotionally. My mother is the flag bearer of the term ‘charity begins at home’.

She has always come forward to help our workers (both at home and work) and their families alike, in whatever way she can. In-fact my mother has always been ever so kind to all our family, friends, relatives and acquaintances as well! I have always seen her treating everyone with equanimity & grace! She has always had immense love, warmth and selfless help to spare to everyone! Her kind and altruistic soul compelled me to start this foundation by her name, to carry her lovely legacy forward! ‘Jyotsna’ is my humble tribute to my noble spirited mother!

TLL will allocate a part it’s earnings under the foundation ‘Jyotsna’ to enhance the lives of underprivileged kids, especially girl children!

I strive to pay my beloved mother’s good deeds forward by being kind to kids in need!

Shoe spa services in Delhi and Mumbai

We are also making custom made handbags, wallets, belts & jackets!

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