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Products We Service

Leather Jackets

  • Leather jacket cleaning- Stain removal (grease, drink, water, ink damage, salad dressing, wine, blood, urine).
  • Jacket repair (rips, tears, scuffs, open seams, scratches etc.)
  • Repair/replacement of loose buttons, buckles, eyelets, rivets and other trims.
  • Zipper repair & replacement (most of our zippers are from the same company as those used by luxury brands).
  • Lining repair & replacement.
  • Leather patchwork & panel replacement (from our huge stock of different qualities & colours).
  • Leather jacket polishing.
  • Jacket recolouring & restoration.
  • Jacket Ironing / Un-creasing
  • Jacket alterations (size & design).
  • Anti fungal treatments (leather mold and mildew removal).
  • Deodorizing.
  • Leather Jacket Cracking Repair & Rehydration (through the use of leather conditioners).

Handbags, Briefcases, Travel Bags, Strollys, Trunks & Small Leather Accessories (Wallets, Belts, Watch Straps etc).

  • Zipper repair & replacement.
  • Lining repair & replacement.
  • Bag repair ( rips, tears, cuts, loose trims, open seams, broken stitch etc.)
  • Piping Repair & Replacement
  • Bag strap & handle repair, replacement or length adjustment.
  • Hardware replacement ( buckles, D-rings, beads, ornaments, Swarovski crystals, zipper puller, locks, studs, rivets, eyelets, clasps & dog hooks)
  • Canvas bag cleaning, leather bag cleaning, lining cleaning, leather dyeing and reconditioning.
  • Torn leather panel replacement & patchwork
  • Anti fungal treatments (leather mold and mildew removal).
  • Deodorizing
  • Rehydration through the use of leather conditioners.
  • Leather belt size alteration, extra hole punching, belt repair & cleaning.
  • Watch strap colour restoration & repair.
  • Metal hardware restoration.
  • Customizations like longer handles, new straps, adding zip enclosures, adding pockets etc.
  • Handbag shape correction
  • Bag edge repair

Leather & Suede Shoes, Heels & Boots

  • Shoe dry cleaning - cleaning, shining, polishing & refinishing.
  • Leather shoe restoration - dyeing & conditioning.
  • Suede shoes cleaning & restoration.
  • Sole repair and pasting.
  • Shoe sole replacement with leather or rubber.
  • Shoe heel repair.
  • Heel tip replacement.
  • Resizing of heels - shortening & remodelling.
  • Insole & lining repair & replacement.
  • Shoe stitching, patchwork, tear repair & panel replacement.
  • Logos & hardware fixing & replacement
  • Uncreasing or wrinkle removal.
  • Deodorising or fragrance spray.
  • Shoe stretching & resizing
  • Shoe Customisation (e.g., adding new straps, cushioning, complete panel replacement etc.)
  • Shoe spa - shoe cleaning, shining, polishing & refinishing.
  • Leather shoe dyeing & restoration
  • Suede shoes polishing & restoration.
  • Shoe repair -Sole repair & resoling
  • Heel & sole pasting, insole repair & replacement, shoe stitching & patchwork, heel tip & rivet replacement etc.

Leather Sofas

  • We also clean, colour & polish premium leather upholstery (couches, seats, sofas, stools, leather seats of cars, bikes, aircrafts etc).
  • Leather sofa repair (patchwork, tear repair & torn leather replacement).
  • Leather Sofa Reupholstery
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