Leather Jacket Repair, Polishing & Alterations in Delhi & Mumbai


Leather Jacket Repair & Cleaning

A leather jacket is a priced possession! It adds a certain element of spunk to your wardrobe! Since leather jackets are super expensive we naturally want to maintain them well, so that they last longer! We here at The Leather Laundry offer the finest jacket repair and cleaning service in Mumbai, Delhi & Gurgaon!

Leather Jacket Dry Cleaning & Polishing

Think of leather jacket dry cleaners in Delhi & Mumbai, think of the The leather Laundry!

Leather being a product of nature has a technical cleaning process. Generic dry cleaning of leather jackets does not always help to get rid of stains (ink, grease, water marks etc). Thus it becomes essential to consult a professional leather jacket dry cleaner. We here at TLL, carefully inspect your jacket & remove dirt, grime and obvious stains. We then finish up by polishing and restoring the colour of the entire jacket! For the final touch, we soften the jacket by applying a thin coat of wax that also helps to revive the original sheen! We also conduct extensive anti-fungal treatments to remove any mold & mildew growth. Dry and cracking leather jackets are reconditioned with rehydrating creams. We also remove creases or wrinkles from jackets, making them look nice and fresh!

Leather Jacket Repair in Delhi, Gurgaon & Mumbai

The Leather Laundry is the trendiest jacket repair shop near you! We offer endless repair and replacement solutions owing to 30 years of experience in manufacturing leather jackets! Mending & darning, patchwork, torn panel replacement, lining repair and replacement, zip repair and replacement, button/buckle/puller repair and replacement, you name it and we do it! We also alter the size of jackets to get the ideal fit! We can also customize your jackets by adding additional features like pockets, buttons, hoodies, belts etc! What more, if we conclude that your favorite leather jacket is beyond repair, fret not! We can make a brand new jacket of the same size, style, colour and leather quality!

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Leather Jacket Polishing
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