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Leather Sofa Cleaning & Repair

Leather upholstery is a wonderful piece of art that adds a touch of distinctive elegance to the look of your house. Leather is highly durable but can very rapidly wear off in color and texture due to excessive use. Using prescribed leather cleaning products without proper supervision can harm the leather significantly.

It is therefore highly recommended to consult professional leather sofa dry cleaners for regular upkeep and maintenance! We here at The Leather Laundry offer premium sofa dry cleaning service!

Wear and Tear

Over time, leather sofas tend to lose both color and sheen! Excessive use can also dehydrate leather, causing it to dry up and crack! Leather is very porous in nature! Thus wear and tear destroys the protective coating on leather sofas, leaving behind dark spots and stains!

Ink stains – Ink from a leaking pen or from newspapers can very easily be absorbed by leather. These stains are very difficult to remove by deep cleaning alone! Thus a leather sofa dry cleaning specialist needs to be consulted for color restoration and touch-ups.

Dirt & Dust – Atmospheric dirt, dust particles, grime, plant fibers, and airborne grease from kitchen smoke tends to soil leather, making it look dark, spotty & dirty. If not attended to from time-to-time, this layer of soil keeps getting thicker, thus ruining the color and texture of the sofa completely!

Grease & Oils – Human and animal sweat, grease from oily food & natural skin oils of humans and pets can very easily seep into leather. This not only destroys the surface, but also leaves behind ghastly spots and blemishes.

Dehydration – Animal hide contains natural oils! These oils tend to evaporate over time causing the leather to shrink and stiffen! When the leather shrinks, a small gap gets formed between the leather and the color coating on it! Without support of animal hide, this coat becomes weak and fragile and thus starts breaking up! This causes the surface to develop cracks and crevices! It thus becomes highly important to get your leather sofas conditioned from time to time, to maintain the natural balance of oils in leather!

Mold and Fungus – Hot weather, high humidity and bad ventilation can lead to growth of mold and mildew on leather! Oil stains, soil and grime accelerate the growth of mold! Vacuum Cleaning and scrubbing won’t help as the mould will keep coming back. It is advised to seek the services of professional leather sofa dry cleaners. An extensive anti-fungal treatment with industrial chemicals would do the trick!

Leather Sofa Cleaning, Restoration & Maintenance

The Leather Laundry offers excellent leather sofa dry cleaning service in Delhi, Gurgaon Noida & Mumbai! We send our expert team of technicians to inspect your furniture and recommend the appropriate treatment for the same! We deep clean to remove the soil build-up, restore the color (through application dye and pigments) and eventually recondition the leather with rehydrating creams. Our treatment revives the original sheen and texture of leather, thus restoring your beautiful leather sofas to their former glory! Our leather sofa cleaning service in Delhi & Mumbai is an on-site project!

With 30 years of industry experience in the leather industry, we also proudly offer services of leather sofa repair in Delhi, Noida Gurgaon & Mumbai! We can very easily mend a tear, scuff, scratch or rip inflicted by your pet on leather sofas, chairs and couches! Our expert tailors and craftsmen offer immaculate and subtle mending, darning, patchwork and pasting solutions!

We also clean, restore and repair car leather seats, leather steering wheels, bike seats, bike saddle bags, leather rugs etc.

We highly recommend our patrons to opt for regular up-keep and maintenance of leather furniture (preferably 2-4 times in a year). This is of course contingent on the age of the leather, and the rate of use!

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