FAQ's about Cleaning & Repair Services in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata


  • What are you business hours?

    We entertain calls from 10:00 AM to 6 PM, Monday to Saturday

  • Do you cater to other cities besides Delhi/NCR?

    Yes we have offices in Mumbai and Hyderabad and we offer a door pick-up and drop-off service in these cities! If you belong to a city other than Delhi, Mumbai or Hyderabad, worry not, and just give us a call!

  • Can you change the colour of my shoes altogether?

    Ofcourse we can! We have skilled colour matching experts who can re-dye your shoes in any colour you prefer!

  • Do you clean suede shoes and bags?

    Ofcourse we do! Suede is also leather and mostly it is goat leather! It has hair on it’s surface which is called nap! Thus suede cleaning is a very technical and tedious process! Generic cleaning is always followed by colour restoration!

  • Can you change the colour of my suede bag or shoe?

    Ofcourse we can! We have some of the finest leather chemists in the country working for us! They can redye suede bags and shoes into any colour of your choice!

  • If you restore the colour of my leather product, for how long will that colour stay?

    After restoring the colour of your expensive leather gear, our chemists fix the colour with a certified fixing agent, which keeps it from bleeding! We also apply a thin coat of a waterproofing agent across the surface of the leather, to keep the colour from coming off when exposed to moisture/water! This colour is good to go for years to come! However leather fades over general wear and tear! Leather products tend to get discoloured when exposed to sunlight over time! Thus we recommend all our patrons to get the colour of their leather gear restored atleast twice a year!

  • If I am not satisfied with your services, will my money be refunded?

    We always strive to meet the expectations of our lovely patrons! In case of grievances received within 3 months of order completion, we take the product back for re-work! (charges of INR 300 apply for freight on all returns) However, if the patron is still unhappy, then subject to reasonable term and conditions, we refund your money! However if we have reasonable grounds to justify our work/quality or if the order is more than 3 months old, then we hold the right to politely decline a refund request!

  • How do you accept payments?

    In Delhi/NCR we offer cash on delivery, online payment (Paytm/ UPI/Net Banking/Card) and cheque payment options! However for other cities, we only have online payment options for now!

  • Do you also clean non-leather products?

    Yes, we also excel at cleaning canvas/cloth bags, wallets & shoes of premium brands!

  • Why are your prices so high?

    The Leather Laundry is an uber premium cleaning and repair service for luxury leather handbags, shoes, jackets, belts, wallets, sofas etc! Our charges entail end-to-end cleaning! For example, if we receive a dirty bag for cleaning & colour restoration, then we not only recolour, but also clean up the inside lining, polish up the trims and do any kind of repair work that comes to our attention! Thus we adopt a very holistic approach towards caring for your expensive leather gear! With 30 years of industry experience in leather, we can assure you that the chemicals and colours used by us, meet the highest standards of quality & environmental sustainability!

  • Can you clean my stained patent leather handbag?

    Patent leather has a lacquer/plastic coating on it! If the stain is fresh and has not been absorbed by the leather yet, then quickly buff it off from the surface! If not, then do not try any home remedies, as it almost always ends up destroying the lacquer coat!! So patent leather gets irrevocably damaged and we cannot do anything out it! Thus, prevention is always better than cure! Since patent leather is very prone to dye transfers, make sure you store your patent bags and shoes in dust bags!

  • Can you dye my patent leather bag in another colour?

    Unfortunately patent leather cannot be dyed/coloured, because the leather is coated with lacquer/plastic! Thus there is no way to remove the lacquer, dye the leather and put the plastic sheet back on!

  • How long does the dry-cleaning and repair process take?

    We promise an average turn around time of 18-21 business days! However in cases where we need to source some special lining, trims, leather or rexine- the scouting process can take a while & in that case, we can take upto 30 days!

  • What if I need my bag/shoe/jacket/wallet urgently?

    Worry not, we respect your time! For urgent orders we have two options:

    1. Express Delivery 1 (delivery within 7 working days) - 30% extra
    2. Express Delivery 2 (delivery within 14 working days) - 20% extra
  • Will the dry-cleaning & colour restoration process alter the original colour and texture of my product?

    TLL has a swell team of colour matching experts! We assure you, that the original colour of your product will remain intact! However in case of metallic leather, restoration results in the colour becoming a tone lighter & the touch and the feel also becomes slightly rough/coarse! Also if a suede handbag or shoe is really dirty, then generic cleaning does not help. So we need to dye the product in a darker colour to camouflage the stains! Suede leather sometimes tends to become a tone lighter, after generic cleaning! Either which way, we inform you about these matters beforehand and send you an image of a small patch test for approval before restoring the whole product! Inside lining/fabric of handbags also tends to become rough and coarse after cleaning!

  • Are the chemicals that you use, safe? What if they cause an allergy or any other health hazard?

    TLL is BSCI certified! We are also following all social, chemical, ethical & legal standards pertaining to leather, under the European chemical program called REACH! Our premises are audited bi-annually and we are extremely conscious about adopting environment friendly business practices, techniques and processes to ensure the highest quality cleaning & repair. All our chemicals & colours are internationally accredited. We are a fully compliant and socially responsible company!

  • Do you have any cleaning certification?

    Our Founder, Mallika is a certified professional leather care technician who has trained with the globally reputed leather care company, LTT in the UK. LTT is one of the most coveted leather care brands in the world today. She learnt everything, from adopting the best practices to clean and care for all types of leather to colour mixing, repairing and leather restoration and recolouring. The Leather Laundry's technicians work under her expert guidance and supervision.

  • What if you lose or damage my product?

    At TLL, we are very strict about the security procedure that we follow! We have a dedicated locker for each order! We assure you that your expensive leather gear & other contents like dust bags etc. will remain absolutely safe with us! We will bear full responsibility for anything that is lost or misplaced! Since we are dabbling with expensive items on a day-to-day basis, the risk running is very high. Thus we are very careful in ensuring that we do not spoil/damage a product during treatment! We do not tamper with products we are under confident / doubtful about! In a rare case of any damage/chemical burn, we will assume full responsibility!

  • What if my product gets damaged during transit?

    Please be aware that for Mumbai customers, our logistics partners will ensure to pack the product carefully! For customers from cities other than Mumbai, we are not liable for products being damaged during transit. It is your responsibility to ensure that you pack your product carefully upon pick-up (especially in case of delicate items like stilettoes etc). View Care Tips for help. We will take 100% precaution from our end to repack the product effectively upon return. Visit Terms & Conditions/Privacy Policy

  • Can you replace the sole of shoe?

    Yes we ofeer resoling/sole replacement services! We can replace with a rubber or leather sole, of the same quality and colour.

  • Can you repair & replace the insole of my shoes?

    Yes can also repair the insole of your shoe, or replace it if needed- keeping the same quality and colour!

  • Can you repair my heels?

    Yes, we can do minor repair on heels, and can also fix & replace broken heel tips!

  • Can you fix a broken rivet or metal buckle on my shoes?

    Yes, we can repair broke trims and replace them also if needed!

  • Can you polish my leather jacket?

    Ofcourse we can! We will first apply a deep cleaning treatment on the jacket and then apply a thin film of matching colour dye/ pigment all over the jacket to get rid of stains, spots, blemishes, discoloration etc!

  • Will the charges be lower if I just go for drycleaning and not colour restoration!

    Leather cleaning is very technical. Being a product of nature, animal hide has a delicate balance of natural oils that needs to be maintained! Never equate leather with fabric! You cannot get rid of leather stains by generic cleaning alone! Any kind of leather cleaning is invariably followed by colour restoration! Thus in leather, there is nothing like ‘dry-cleaning’.

  • Can you repair the torn lining of my bag or jacket ?

    Ofcourse we can! Our skilled technicians can do any kind of repair/mending or darning work! We can also replace the lining of your bag and jacket all together in any quality and colour of your choice!

  • The strap and handles of my bag have worn off, can you replace them for me?

    Having 30 years of industry experience in leather, we have a brilliant team of in-house tailors and pattern masters who can replace the handles/straps of your bag in a leather quality and colour of your choice! We ensure the highest quality craftsmanship!

  • I want to personalize my wallet! Can you print the initials of my name on it?

    Ofcourse we can! We can get the initials of your name printed/embossed on your bags/wallets or belts!

  • The metal buckle of my belt has become rusty and dull over time! Can you polish it and bring its shine back?

    Yes, we can re-plate the metal trims (buttons/buckles/heels/rivets/eyelets/studs/zipper etc.) of your leather gear, for as long as they can be dethatched from the product. Re-plating will restore the lost sheen of your aluminum/nickel/silver/golden trims!

  • Can you alter the size of my leather jacket?

    Yes we can. A master tailor will be sent to your place to take your measurements and understand the alterations that need to be done! With 30 years of industry experience in leather, we can immaculately alter your jacket size to get the ideal fit!

  • My leather jacket is fraying and wearing off at some places, can you help?

    Ofcourse we can, we can repair/stitch up a minor tear/cut/scuff! For bigger tears/cuts that are unrepairable, we offer excellent leather patchwork solutions!

  • Do you have a shop that I can visit in Delhi/Mumbai or Hyderabad?

    As of now, we do not have a shop or a showroom. We operate more like a call center with a door pick-up and drop-off service! Thus, there is no direct customer interface. However the person attending the calls is thoroughly trained and can be reached out to, for any and every query! They are equipped enough to answer all your questions pertaining to leather technicalities, delivery time, pricing, processes/treatments etc. They will also handle all your grievances and concerns with utmost care and courtesy!

  • What are your charges?

    Kindly visit the Price Guide section of the website!

  • Do you offer a guarantee/warrantee for your services?

    Unfortunately no, we do not offer any legal written guarantee/warrantee for the service that we offer! But we are happy to connect you to old patrons who have availed TLL’s services, for reference checks! Also in case of complains received for orders that are less than 3 months old, we take the products back for rework at a freight charge of INR 300! For orders older than 3 months, we cannot accept return requests.

  • Will sofa cleaning be conducted at my home or your workshop?

    All sofa-cleaning projects are on-site projects. We will send a team of technicians to your home/office for such jobs! They will carry their chemicals and apparatus along with them!

  • Do you make custom leather jackets?

    Owing to 30 years of industry experience in making and selling leather jackets, we are pleased to offer bespoke leather jackets to our patrons! We can also make custom wallets, belts and other small accessories on special request!

  • How do I send my product to The Leather Laundry?

    TLL offers a personalized pick-up and drop-off service in Delhi/NCR. Alternatively you can also drop your product at our registered office in Friends Colony! For Mumbai customers, we offer a door pick-up and drop-off service through our trusted logistics partners!

  • Do you charge extra for the pick and drop service?

    Running costs are included in the final price quoted! In case a porduct is picked up and prices are not accepted by the customer, we will charge an upfront amount of INR 500 for pick & drop.

  • How do I go about giving my product to TLL? What is the process?

  • Do you offer franchise opportunities?

    No we absolutely do not! TLL is a boot strapped startup that is not looking to mint money through mass selling! We are a niche and an extremely premium cleaning & repair service and are resolutely committed towards offering immaculate quality of work! Thus our operations will always be centralized for quality control! We are more focused on creating awareness about the concept of leather care & repair! We will never compromise on our quality!

  • Where is TLL located?

    Our registered office is in Friends Colony East. The workshop is based out of East Delhi! We cater to all cities, but our operations will always be centralized to Delhi for quality control!! We do not have a shop/showroom!

  • Do you do all kinds of repairs?

    We literally do all kinds of repairs- tear repair, leather patchwork, broken handle repair & replacement, lining repair & replacement, strap length adjustment, belt length adjustment, mending, darning, hole punching on straps & belts, bag shape rectification, bag piping repair and replacement, sole repair and replacement, insole repair and replacement, shoe upper stitching and patchwork, heel tip repair and replacement etc. TLL is a one-stop-shop for all your premium repair & replacement needs!

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