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Upcycled/ Repurposed Luxury

Upcycled/ Repurposed Luxury

Upcycled/ Repurposed Luxury

Do you have an old and dusty designer handbag that you have not used in years? Instead of selling it, why not repurpose it into something you would love to carry?

Our skilled craftsmen upcycle and revamp previously loved luxury handbags, shoes & apparel into one of a kind pieces that you won't find anywhere else in the world!

For example we can use the coated canvas from your old Louis Vuitton bag and upcycle it to make all kinds of innovative products like masks, bottle covers, loop keychains, foldover wallets, watch bands, hats, bracelets, phone covers, dog collars, belts, purse charms, earrings, hair clips and so much more!

Monogrammed leather from your luxury handbags, luggage bags, gym bags etc can also be used to reupholster your favourite piece of furniture at home!

By getting your luxury upcycled you can support sustainable fashion and thus reduce carbon footprint on our planet! We help you repurpose wasteful to useful!

Custom Made Bags & Other Leather Accessories

Custom Made Bags & Other Leather Accessories

Do you have left over leather or fabric lying around and want us to make bespoke bags and other accessories from that material? Backed with 30 years of industry experience, our skilled craftsmen can make wonderful bespoke leather bags, wallets, belts & other leather accessories!

Custom Made Bags & Other Leather Accessories
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We are also making custom made handbags, wallets, belts & jackets!

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