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The Leather Laundry - Hyderabad


The Leather Laundry aims to provide excellent cleaning, repairing, and restoring services for leather purses, shoes, jackets, and furniture. With 30 years of professional experience in this field, we can proudly say that we are Hyderabad's first one-stop shop for all your leather, suede, fur maintenance and repair needs.

Our Services

Shoe Repair and Dry Cleaning

We offer the finest shoe repair services for your premium leather & suede shoes, boots, stilettos etc., in Hyderabad. In addition to the above, we also clean and restore your sneakers to make them look like new. Throughout the course of this process deep cleaning of insoles and back soles, deodorisation, water-proofing, anti-fungal treatments, colour restoration, shining, and other leather shoe cleaning services are provided.

Mending/darning, sole repair & replacement, insole repair & replacement, hardware repair, metal polishing, wrinkle removal, shoe stretching, functional customisations, heel repair, resizing of heels, patchwork, and other leather shoe repair services are available in Hyderabad. We also offer leather shoe laundry services in Hyderabad, and we make every effort to remove any stains or marks on your shoes so that they look brand new.

Handbag Dry Cleaning & Repair

In Hyderabad, we provide the best dry cleaning, restoration and repair services for leather and fabric handbags, wallets, belts, briefcases, watch straps, and vintage trunks.

Handbag cleaning services include deep cleaning, colour restoration, inside lining cleaning, metal trim polishing, deodorisation, and anti-fungal treatments. We also change the colour of leather products.

Mending, darning, panel replacement, zip repair and replacement, repair and replacement of broken trims, edge colour correction, shape rectification, strap length adjustment, belt size alterations, functional customisations, and so on are all examples of bag repairs.

Leather Jacket Polishing & Repair

The Leather Laundry provides the best leather jacket cleaning, restoration, and polishing services in Hyderabad for your high-end leather, suede, and fur garments. We also provide flawless leather jacket alterations for the perfect fit. Mending and darning, patchwork, panel repair/replacement, zip repair, design customisations, and other leather jacket repair services in Hyderabad are available.

Leather Sofa Cleaning & Repair

In Hyderabad, we clean, polish, repair, and reupholster premium leather sofas, chairs, bar stools, car seats, recliners, bed heads, and other items. We believe in helping your home look like a dream and a dream cannot have space for cracks and stains.

Additional Services


On your leather purses, shoes, and sneakers in Hyderabad, we can also do customizations like adding a monogram, embossing names & initials, hand-painting unique motifs, and more.

Leather handbags, Shoes and Jackets, made as per your wish!

With a variety of leather and lining fabrics on stock, our expert craftsmen make excellent bespoke or custom made leather jackets, bags, belts etc. Backed with 30 Years of Industry experience, we can also make wonderful leather products out of any left-over leather/fabric you might have lying around.

Shoe care and shoe repair in Delhi

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Leather drycleaning & repair services in Delhi

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Bags: Before & After

Louis Vuitton Handbag Repair & Restoration
Louis Vuitton Handbag Repair & Restoration
Gucci handbag Repair & Dry Cleaning Gucci handbag Repair & Dry Cleaning
Gucci handbag Repair & Dry Cleaning
LV Trolley Bag Repair
LV Trolley Bag Repair

Shoes: Before & After

Leather Shoe sole Repair Leather Shoe sole Repair
Leather Shoe sole Repair
Chanel Metallic Leather CC Espadrilles Restoration Chanel Metallic Leather CC Espadrilles Restoration
Chanel Metallic Leather CC Espadrilles Restoration

Jackets: Before & After

Leather Jacket Size Alteration Leather Jacket Size Alteration
Leather Jacket Size Alteration

Sofa: Before & After

Leather Sofa Reupholstery & Polishing
Leather Sofa Reupholstery & Polishing

Reena Gupta



"I had a custom leather jacket made by The Leather Laundry and holy moly they did an awesome job! The design was just off a picture I sent and the nailed it, the quality of leather ... is through the roof amazing and is like butter but still beautiful and thick. They made it to my measurements so it fits perfectly and then had it shipped to New Zealand within a week…it takes longer to post things within my own city so I can’t believe how fast it came. I would 100% recommend you check these guys out if you want a gorgeous leather jacket because they know what they are doing. I’m absolutely stoked."


New Zealand


"You’ve honestly increased the life of our bags and shoes! I had started using LV shoes like so roughly and was planning to discard it soon, even though I didn’t have the heart to!... But it had become so messy.. and honestly, even before i gave it for laundry I was quite sceptical about it. Then my mum was like ur anyway not using it and if by giving it at leather laundry is going to increase the life span of the shoes pls do it.. since they are so expensive.. I am bewildered at what it looks like after laundry.. brand damn new!! I will be contacting you soon for my other shoes and bags! So many of them need laundry! "

Sakshi Gupta



"I’m really impressed now!! The jacket looks better than when I bought it. Now I have to definitely invest in your business :)
Thanks Mallika!"

Sonal Dabral



"Really loved the work
Heels and bag looks brand new :)
AmaZing work"

Aytal Khan



"Leather laundry does phenomenal work using the bags that had been dumped at the back. Great job done. Thank you so much
Kanika kapur"

Kanika Kapur



"Thanks for the restore, it looks lovely. It’s like they’ve got a new lease on life. Gonna be sending you more shoes very soon! :)"



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